Commit 37dfa300 authored by Sebastian Krzyszkowiak's avatar Sebastian Krzyszkowiak
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usb: typec: tipd: Read active PDO on probe

Signed-off-by: Sebastian Krzyszkowiak's avatarSebastian Krzyszkowiak <>
parent cebf129b
......@@ -990,6 +990,13 @@ static int tps6598x_probe(struct i2c_client *client)
ret = tps6598x_connect(tps, status);
if (ret)
dev_err(&client->dev, "failed to register partner\n");
(!(status & TPS_STATUS_PORTROLE))) {
ret = tps6598x_get_active_pd_contract(tps);
if (ret)
dev_err(tps->dev, "failed to read pd contract: %d\n", ret);
} else {
tps6598x_mask_cc_int(tps, true);
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