Commit 1ae4426e authored by Daiki Ueno's avatar Daiki Ueno
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Make sure XTest extension is available.

parent 270760bd
......@@ -895,11 +895,20 @@ update_modifier_keycodes (EekboardClient *client)
eekboard_client_enable_xtest (EekboardClient *client)
int event_base, error_base, major_version, minor_version;
if (!client->display) {
client->display = gdk_display_get_default ();
g_assert (client->display);
if (!XTestQueryExtension (GDK_DISPLAY_XDISPLAY (client->display),
&event_base, &error_base,
&major_version, &minor_version)) {
g_warning ("XTest extension is not available");
return FALSE;
update_modifier_keycodes (client);
client->key_pressed_handler =
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