Commit 638d41e0 authored by Daiki Ueno's avatar Daiki Ueno
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Check keycode before passing it to fakekey_send_keyevent().

parent 4271eb6b
......@@ -665,12 +665,19 @@ on_key_pressed (EekKeyboard *keyboard,
symbol = eek_key_get_symbol_with_fallback (key, 0, 0);
if (EEK_IS_KEYSYM(symbol) && !eek_symbol_is_modifier (symbol)) {
guint xkeysym = eek_keysym_get_xkeysym (EEK_KEYSYM(symbol));
guint keycode =
XKeysymToKeycode (GDK_DISPLAY_XDISPLAY (client->display), xkeysym);
EekModifierType modifiers =
eek_keyboard_get_modifiers (client->keyboard);
FakeKeyModifier fakekey_modifiers = get_fakekey_modifiers (modifiers);
guint xkeysym;
guint keycode;
EekModifierType modifiers;
FakeKeyModifier fakekey_modifiers;
xkeysym = eek_keysym_get_xkeysym (EEK_KEYSYM(symbol));
g_return_if_fail (xkeysym > 0);
keycode = XKeysymToKeycode (GDK_DISPLAY_XDISPLAY (client->display),
g_return_if_fail (keycode > 0);
modifiers = eek_keyboard_get_modifiers (client->keyboard);
fakekey_modifiers = get_fakekey_modifiers (modifiers);
fakekey_send_keyevent (client->fakekey,
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