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devel: Package squeekboard-test-layout

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......@@ -40,3 +40,13 @@ Depends:
Description: On-screen keyboard for Wayland
Virtual keyboard supporting Wayland, built primarily for the Librem 5 phone.
Package: squeekboard-devel
Architecture: linux-any
Description: Resources for making Squeekboard layouts
Tools for creating Squeekboard layouts:
* squeekboard-test-layout
usr/bin/squeekboard-test-layout /usr/bin
usr/bin/squeekboard-real /usr/bin
usr/bin/squeekboard /usr/bin
......@@ -125,12 +125,13 @@ squeekboard = executable('squeekboard-real',
test_layout = custom_target('squeekboard_test_layout',
test_layout = custom_target('squeekboard-test-layout',
build_by_default: true,
# meson doesn't track all inputs, cargo does
build_always_stale: true,
output: ['squeekboard_test_layout'],
output: ['squeekboard-test-layout'],
console: true,
command: [cargo_script, '--rename', 'test_layout', '@OUTPUT@', 'build', '--bin', 'test_layout'],
install: true,
install_dir: bindir,
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