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Releasing Squeekboard for PureOS
This guide covers Byzantium only.
First, merge in the upstream release. Update changelog in the merge request to match upstream release version. Ignore upstream changelog.
Tag the merge request, remember to update version number:
git tag -s -u $ pureos/1.13.0-1pureos1 -m 'squeekboard 1.13.0-1pureos1'
Follow the [pristine-tar guide](
Push the single tag to the packaging repo:
git push pkg pureos/1.13.0-1pureos1
The upstream branch is currently being used for Amber. It's not meant to stay that way, and the upstream branch will produce Byzantium packages in the near future, possibly making this branch obsolete.
In that case, any divergent files would be carried over from here into upstream, but changelog would probably carry over from the upstream branch.
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