Commit b7b4d68a authored by Daiki Ueno's avatar Daiki Ueno
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Fix fullscreen mode and D-Bus service entry.

parent 952f70b4
[D-BUS Service] [D-BUS Service]
Name=org.fedorahosted.Eekboard.Server Name=org.fedorahosted.Eekboard
Exec=@bindir@/eekboard-server Exec=@bindir@/eekboard-server
...@@ -141,7 +141,8 @@ on_notify_fullscreen (GObject *object, ...@@ -141,7 +141,8 @@ on_notify_fullscreen (GObject *object,
gpointer user_data) gpointer user_data)
{ {
ServerContextService *context = user_data; ServerContextService *context = user_data;
set_geometry (context); if (context->window)
set_geometry (context);
} }
static void static void
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