Commit 1b68e791 authored by Dorota Czaplejewicz's avatar Dorota Czaplejewicz Committed by Guido Gunther
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CI: Build-depend on libpng

Needed for the screencopy example that will be pulled in with our next
update from upstream's master as of
parent 3152d5e2
DEPS: debhelper libcap-dev libdrm-dev libegl1-mesa-dev libgbm-dev
libgles2-mesa-dev libinput-dev libpixman-1-dev libsystemd-dev
libgles2-mesa-dev libinput-dev libpixman-1-dev libpng-dev libsystemd-dev
libwayland-dev libxcb1-dev libxcb-composite0-dev libxcb-icccm4-dev
libxcb-image0-dev libxcb-render0-dev libxcb-xfixes0-dev
libxkbcommon-dev meson pkg-config wayland-protocols
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