1. 14 Jul, 2018 5 commits
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      Basic tablet_v2 object lifetime · e235f7d3
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      storage commit #2 · 77bac448
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      convoluted tablet code · 4947295c
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      backend/libinput: Manage tablet tool livetimes · 000b305e
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      This adds the management code to manage tablet tools lifetimes from
      It follows the suggestion made in the tablet-unstable-v2.xml to destroy
      tablet_tools once all tablets that it got into contact with were removed
      from the system. This is implemented via a refcount.
      If a tool is *not* unique, it will be destroyed on proximity out. This
      is libinput specific and mentioned in libinput docs that tools will not
      be found again, so we shouldn't keep a reference to them.
      Also they can't be on other tablets as well, because they cannot be
      The naming in this commit is a bit off (to not break things).
      The wlr names stay the same, tablet_tool is the libinput_device with
      capaiblity LIBINPUT_DEVICE_CAP_TABLET_TOOL which is more akin to
      "tablet" in the tablet-unstable-v2 protocol.
      The struct that corresponds to the tablet_tool in tablet-unstable-v2 is
      called tablet_tool_tool, a rename should be done at some point in the
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      Start tablet protocol · bf8751d6
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