Merge tag '0.2' into librem5-master

The interesting commits are the one covered in Librem5/wlroots!39 (commits) and the ones relating to input method and text input protocols.

wlroots 0.2

Cedric Sodhi (1):
      Tell Mesa not to attempt X11 headers

Cosimo Cecchi (1):
      xcursor: Support XDG user data dir location

Drew DeVault (26):
      Merge pull request #1307 from emersion/static-analysis
      Merge pull request #1289 from ixru/fix-cursor-visibility
      Merge pull request #1327 from RyanDwyer/xwm-unset-minmax-hints
      Add FreeBSD build
      Merge pull request #1338 from emersion/wayland-swap-interval
      Merge pull request #1340 from emersion/fix-input-method-destroy
      Merge pull request #1332 from emersion/shm-open
      Merge pull request #1346 from emersion/fix-schedule-frame-mgpu
      Merge pull request #1341 from emersion/view-at-unmapped
      Merge pull request #1350 from emersion/check-gles2-bgra-ext
      Merge pull request #1261 from arandomhuman/damage-control
      Merge pull request #1357 from emersion/xopen-source
      Merge pull request #1358 from emersion/xcursor-heap
      Merge pull request #1364 from ManDay/master
      Merge pull request #1356 from emersion/egl-renderable-type
      Merge pull request #1369 from ascent12/wayland_backend
      Merge pull request #1372 from emersion/config10
      Merge pull request #1373 from emersion/fix-teardown-segfaults
      Merge pull request #1366 from emersion/render-software-cursors
      Merge pull request #1375 from emersion/tablet-segfault
      Merge pull request #1392 from emersion/disable-static-analysis
      Merge pull request #1396 from emersion/fix-destroyed-subsurface
      Merge pull request #1384 from emersion/data-multiple-devices
      Merge pull request #1387 from emersion/rename-gtk-primary-selection
      Merge pull request #1399 from emersion/fix-wl-backend-zero-vla
      Merge pull request #1400 from emersion/xcursor-fixes

Ilia Bozhinov (1):
      output: add wlr_output_preferred_read_format()

Julio Galvan (1):
      Fix compilation error on musl

Philipp Ludwig (1):
      xcursor: fix crash when encountering cursor themes with circular dependencies

Rostislav Pehlivanov (2):
      Skip interlaced modes during drm mode detection
      Fix interlaced mode rejection

Ryan Dwyer (3):
      xwm: Unset min/max size hints if they're not used
      Merge pull request #1335 from emersion/fucking-transparency
      Merge pull request #1395 from emersion/text-input-log-newline

Scott Anderson (11):
      backend/wayland: Move registry into backend
      backend/wayland: Use specific wl_global versions
      backend/wayland: Move initilisation code earlier
      backend/wayland: Make header order consistent
      backend/x11: Rename xcb_conn to xcb
      backend/x11: Make header order consistent
      backend/x11: Move atom initilisation earlier
      backend/x11: Check for xinput extension
      backend/x11: Add new Xinput events
      backend/x11: Remove old input functions
      backend/x11: Hide cursor with Xfixes

Sorcus (1):
      Fix "variable ‘cursor_default’ set but not used"

Tobias Stoeckmann (1):
      xcursor: Fix heap overflows when parsing malicious files

buffet (1):
      Fixed loc count in readme

emersion (48):
      backend: fix use-after-free in wlr_backend_autocreate
      tablet-v2: fix memory leak on OOM, fix resource version
      Update version to 0.1
      xwayland: fix typo to enable transparency
      Merge pull request #1336 from swaywm/freebsd
      idle: allow zero timeout
      render: on Wayland, make eglSwapBuffers non-blocking
      Merge pull request #1337 from emersion/idle-zero-timeout
      Merge pull request #1339 from MrSorcus/master
      input-method-v2: initialize destroy signal
      util: use shm_open for in-memory files
      xwayland: don't fail if XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set
      rootston: fix segfault in view_at
      rootston: fix segfault when destroying unmapped fullscreen views
      backend/drm: add WLR_DRM_NO_ATOMIC_GAMMA env variable
      backend/drm: fix frame scheduling on secondary GPUs
      Merge pull request #1344 from emersion/no-atomic-gamma
      render/gles2: remove assumptions about supported formats
      backend/drm: specify minimum config attributes
      render/gles2: check for GL_OES_EGL_image_external
      surface: fix wlr_surface_get_effective_damage to give surface coords
      Use _POSIX_C_SOURCE, use shm_open
      examples: only link clients to wlroots if necessary
      Merge pull request #1362 from julio641742/patch-1
      Merge pull request #1361 from sghctoma/fix-shm
      render: correctly set EGL_RENDERABLE_TYPE
      backend/wayland: handle WL_EVENT_WRITABLE for Wayland socket
      Use #if instead of #ifdef for wlroots config data
      xdg-shell: don't destroy xdg role state on role destroy
      tablet-v2: fix segfault on display destroy
      Merge pull request #1368 from ascent12/x11_backend
      output: remove wlr_output_set_fullscreen_surface
      output: add wlr_output_render_software_cursors
      output: make wlr_egl flip the damage
      gtk-primary-selection: support multiple devices
      gtk-primary-selection: track resources
      Merge pull request #1382 from atomnuker/master
      Merge pull request #1380 from emersion/gtk-primary-selection-multiple-devices
      Merge pull request #1385 from atomnuker/master
      Rename wlr_primary_selection to wlr_gtk_primary_selection
      Merge pull request #1390 from ammen99/fix-preferred-read-format
      Merge pull request #1391 from buffet/fix-loc-count
      Disable Clang static analysis
      text-input-v3: remove newline in log message
      data-device: allow multiple devices for the same seat
      data-device: never cancel the source when offer is destroyed
      surface: fix destroyed subsurfaces handling
      backend/wayland: fix zero-length VLA

ixru (2):
      Fix cursor visibility on surface commit
      Better placement of visibility check

random human (5):
      wlr_surface: fix surface damage transformation
      wlr_surface: fix surface damage on resize
      wlr_surface: remove duplicated damage calculation
      wlr_surface: more consistent argument naming in surface_update_damage
      wlr_surface: add wlr_surface_get_effective_damage

sghctoma (3):
      Force ftruncate for shared mem. objects on FreeBSD
      Use ftruncate to set shared memory object's size
      Remove WLR_HAS_POSIX_FALLOCATE from build system
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[89/260] Generating glapi with a custom command.
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