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change german layout so it doesn't emulate the broken Android design

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# German layout by Mark Müller
# Version 2019111700
# edited by Daniel Scharon
# Version 2019112900
bounds: { x: 0, y: 1, width: 360, height: 208 }
......@@ -17,13 +18,13 @@ outlines:
- "q w e r t z u i o p"
- "a s d f g h j k l"
- "q w e r t z u i o p ü"
- "a s d f g h j k l ö ä"
- "Shift_L y x c v b n m BackSpace"
- "show_numbers show_eschars preferences space , . Return"
- "Q W E R T Z U I O P"
- "A S D F G H J K L"
- "Q W E R T Z U I O P Ü"
- "A S D F G H J K L Ö Ä"
- "Shift_L Y X C V B N M BackSpace"
- "show_numbers show_dechars preferences space ! ? Return"
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