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......@@ -279,3 +279,43 @@ nmcli device wifi rescan
nmcli device wifi list
nmcli device wifi connect SSID-Name password wireless-password
** Use a simple shell script
The tasks the python-script scripts/librem5-devkit-flash-image does are just 4
#!/bin/sh -e
test -f devkit_image/devkit.img || curl | xz -d > devkit_image/devkit.img
test -f devkit_image/u-boot-devkit-recovery.imx || curl > devkit_image/u-boot-devkit-recovery.imx
cat > devkit_image/flash_devkit.lst <<EOF
uuu_version 1.0.1
SDP: boot -f u-boot-devkit-recovery.imx
# This command will be run when use SPL
SDPU: delay 1000
SDPU: write -f u-boot-devkit-recovery.imx -offset 0x57c00
SDPU: jump
# This command will be run when ROM support stream mode
SDPS: boot -f u-boot-devkit-recovery.imx
SDPU: delay 1000
#FB: ucmd setenv fastboot_buffer 0x43000000
FB: ucmd setenv fastboot_dev mmc
FB: ucmd setenv mmcdev 0
FB: flash -raw2sparse all devkit.img
FB: Done
uuu devkit_image/flash_devkit.lst
For that purpose the jenkins server is requested to figure out which urls are
to retrieve so it cant be simply replaced. But the current state in jenkins can
be carved in stone - into a shell-script.
With the option `--script-creation` the python-script can be asked to just
create that shell-script. So the flashing can be done from machines where you dont
want to install all the boilerplate of dependencies of that script. Maybe one
day purism will just run that script after succesful build in jenkins to
provide the shell-script (and remove this comment).
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