Commit 85357800 authored by Eric Kuzmenko's avatar Eric Kuzmenko
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The mic select IC is validated, the camera and USB-OTG is partially validated.

parent 291be2d6
......@@ -67,18 +67,18 @@ whether user space software is in place to drive it.
"Smart card reader", "Yes", ""
"Touch controller", "Yes", ""
"JTAG", "Yes", ""
"IMU", "Partially", ""
"Proximity/Ambient light sensor", "Partially", ""
"WLAN/BT antennae", "Yes", ""
"On-board microphone", "Yes", ""
"Headset microphone", "Yes", ""
"HKSs", "Yes", ""
"Microphone select IC", "Yes", ""
"MIPI DSI LCD panel", "Partially", ""
"Camera", "Partially", ""
"IMU", "Partially", ""
"Proximity/Ambient light sensor", "Partially", ""
"USB OTG", "Partially", ""
"USB-C role switching", "No", ""
"Microphone select IC", "No", ""
"Bluetooth (UART4)", "No", ""
"Camera", "No", ""
"USB OTG", "No", ""
"WWAN I2S interface", "No", ""
"Bluetooth I2S interface", "No", ""
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