Commit e7e197ed authored by Aleksander Morgado's avatar Aleksander Morgado Committed by David S. Miller
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qmi_wwan: add support for the Dell Wireless 5821e module

This module exposes two USB configurations: a QMI+AT capable setup on
USB config #1 and a MBIM capable setup on USB config #2.

By default the kernel will choose the MBIM capable configuration as
long as the cdc_mbim driver is available. This patch adds support for
the QMI port in the secondary configuration.
Signed-off-by: Aleksander Morgado's avatarAleksander Morgado <>
Acked-by: default avatarBjørn Mork <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 5ce36338
......@@ -1246,6 +1246,7 @@ static const struct usb_device_id products[] = {
{QMI_FIXED_INTF(0x413c, 0x81b3, 8)}, /* Dell Wireless 5809e Gobi(TM) 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Card (rev3) */
{QMI_FIXED_INTF(0x413c, 0x81b6, 8)}, /* Dell Wireless 5811e */
{QMI_FIXED_INTF(0x413c, 0x81b6, 10)}, /* Dell Wireless 5811e */
{QMI_FIXED_INTF(0x413c, 0x81d7, 1)}, /* Dell Wireless 5821e */
{QMI_FIXED_INTF(0x03f0, 0x4e1d, 8)}, /* HP lt4111 LTE/EV-DO/HSPA+ Gobi 4G Module */
{QMI_FIXED_INTF(0x03f0, 0x9d1d, 1)}, /* HP lt4120 Snapdragon X5 LTE */
{QMI_FIXED_INTF(0x22de, 0x9061, 3)}, /* WeTelecom WPD-600N */
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