Commit 6bcf33fc authored by Guido Gunther's avatar Guido Gunther

nwl-dsi: Adjust timing to JH057N00900 panel

This is what we figured from the vendor supplied values.
parent 95bce5b5
......@@ -311,8 +311,21 @@ unsigned long nwl_dsi_get_bit_clock(struct drm_bridge *bridge,
/* Convert nano seconds to current bit clock cycles */
static unsigned long ns2bc (struct nwl_mipi_dsi *dsi, unsigned long ns)
int bpp;
bpp = mipi_dsi_pixel_format_to_bpp(dsi->format);
return DIV_ROUND_UP(ns * dsi->vm.pixelclock * bpp, dsi->lanes * 1000000000);
static void nwl_dsi_config_host(struct nwl_mipi_dsi *dsi)
unsigned long cycles;
if (dsi->lanes < 1 || dsi->lanes > 4)
......@@ -326,13 +339,23 @@ static void nwl_dsi_config_host(struct nwl_mipi_dsi *dsi)
nwl_dsi_write(dsi, CFG_AUTOINSERT_EOTP, 0x00);
nwl_dsi_write(dsi, CFG_T_PRE, 0x01);
nwl_dsi_write(dsi, CFG_T_POST, 0x34);
nwl_dsi_write(dsi, CFG_TX_GAP, 0x0D);
nwl_dsi_write(dsi, CFG_EXTRA_CMDS_AFTER_EOTP, 0x00);
/* mdss-dsi-t-clk-pre in byte clock periods */
nwl_dsi_write(dsi, CFG_T_PRE, 0x2d);
/* mdss-dsi-t-clk-post in byte clock periods */
nwl_dsi_write(dsi, CFG_T_POST, 0x20);
/* 100 ns in byte clock periods */
cycles = DIV_ROUND_UP(ns2bc(dsi, 100), 8);
if (cycles < 0x0d) /* magic value found in the NXP sources */
cycles = 0x0d;
DRM_DEV_DEBUG_DRIVER(dsi->dev, "tx gap is %lu byte clock cycles", cycles);
nwl_dsi_write(dsi, CFG_TX_GAP, cycles);
/* mdss-dsi-tx-eot-append */
nwl_dsi_write(dsi, CFG_EXTRA_CMDS_AFTER_EOTP, 0x01);
nwl_dsi_write(dsi, CFG_HTX_TO_COUNT, 0x00);
nwl_dsi_write(dsi, CFG_LRX_H_TO_COUNT, 0x00);
nwl_dsi_write(dsi, CFG_BTA_H_TO_COUNT, 0x00);
/* in clk_esc cycles, min 1ms according to d-phy spec */
nwl_dsi_write(dsi, CFG_TWAKEUP, 0x3a98);
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