Commit cc0025a6 authored by Guido Gunther's avatar Guido Gunther

input: goodix: Print values in case of inconsistencies

"Invalid config" give little idea what's wrong. Print the values that
should be != 0 so we know which one is off.
Signed-off-by: Guido Gunther's avatarGuido Günther <>
parent 01758cca
......@@ -692,7 +692,9 @@ static int goodix_configure_dev(struct goodix_ts_data *ts)
touchscreen_parse_properties(ts->input_dev, true, &ts->prop);
if (!ts->prop.max_x || !ts->prop.max_y || !ts->max_touch_num) {
dev_err(&ts->client->dev, "Invalid config, using defaults\n");
"Invalid config (%d, %d, %d), using defaults\n",
ts->prop.max_x, ts->prop.max_y, ts->max_touch_num);
ts->prop.max_x = GOODIX_MAX_WIDTH - 1;
ts->prop.max_y = GOODIX_MAX_HEIGHT - 1;
ts->max_touch_num = GOODIX_MAX_CONTACTS;
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