Commit f8de583c authored by Peng Fan's avatar Peng Fan Committed by Ye Li
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MLK-14418-5 imx: mx7dsabresd: reset ENET_RST_B

Reset ENET_RST_B to make ENET function stable.
Since DM_GPIO enabled, we use "gpio_spi@0_5" which corresponds
Signed-off-by: default avatarPeng Fan <>
parent aac43b28
......@@ -210,6 +210,22 @@ int mmc_map_to_kernel_blk(int dev_no)
int board_eth_init(bd_t *bis)
int ret;
unsigned int gpio;
ret = gpio_lookup_name("gpio_spi@0_5", NULL, NULL, &gpio);
if (ret) {
printf("GPIO: 'gpio_spi@0_5' not found\n");
ret = gpio_request(gpio, "fec_rst");
if (ret && ret != -EBUSY) {
printf("gpio: requesting pin %u failed\n", gpio);
return -1;
gpio_direction_output(gpio, 0);
gpio_direction_output(gpio, 1);
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