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    • Ye Li's avatar
      MLK-21942 DTS: imx8mq: Fix USB alias issue · 85bdcc79
      Ye Li authored
      Since we set the driver's compatible string to dwc3 nodes, should
      use the dwc3 nodes as the USB alias, otherwise the alias won't work.
      If first usb controller is probed failed, the second controller still
      use 0 as seq and cause issue to the driver.
      Because alias requires different names on the nodes, in the patch we have
      to change the nodes name to dwc3_0 and dwc3_1
      Signed-off-by: default avatarYe Li <ye.li@nxp.com>
      Reviewed-by: default avatarPeng Fan <peng.fan@nxp.com>
      (cherry picked from commit 67f084c9485587802571352de8fb2551e8aefe74)
    • Ye Li's avatar
      MLK-21956-3 mx6qdlsabreauto: Enable i2c gpio mux to fix io expander issue · fac0bd64
      Ye Li authored
      The i2c gpio mux is not enabled, this causes i2c3 not work and all
      io expander devices on i2c3 not work.  So we will meet such as
      "usb start" fail due to the VBUS is not power up.
      The patch add the i2c mux and i2c gpio mux configs. And remove codes of
      controlling i2c steering from board, since i2c gpio mux does same thing.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarYe Li <ye.li@nxp.com>
      Reviewed-by: default avatarPeng Fan <peng.fan@nxp.com>
      (cherry picked from commit 39183dc231e12c3072ffd9a37ac6a6616178e263)
    • Ye Li's avatar
      MLK-21956-2 mxc_i2c: Remove i2c_idle_bus from probe · 40c24389
      Ye Li authored
      i2c_idle_bus is already used in i2c_init_transfer. So before each tranfer
      if the bus is not ready, the i2c_idle_bus will be used to force idle.
      It is unnecessary to call it again in probe.
      We found a issue when enabling i2c mux with the mxc_i2c. The mxc_i2c is probed
      after mux probing. However, at this moment the mux is still in idle state,
      won't select port. So if we call i2c_idle_bus in probe, it will fail and cause
      mxc_i2c probe failed.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarYe Li <ye.li@nxp.com>
      (cherry picked from commit e999c45f436f1187ef1185997d3838ad8b28421c)
    • Ye Li's avatar
      MLK-21956-1 i2c-mux-gpio: Fix GPIO request flag issue · a80b1536
      Ye Li authored
      When requesting GPIO, the GPIOD_IS_OUT is missed in flag, so the GPIO
      is set the input mode not output and cause mux not work.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarYe Li <ye.li@nxp.com>
      (cherry picked from commit 4fd2f04db1513d4bcd294a4c94193a4d59785b6d)
    • Peng Fan's avatar
      MLK-21961 imx: fix tee_addr for nand boot · eba51a95
      Peng Fan authored
      teeaddr is not set. Align with sd/emmc, use tee_addr and set tee_addr.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarPeng Fan <peng.fan@nxp.com>
      Reported-by: default avatarJessie Lee <jessie.lee@nxp.com>
      Reviewed-by: default avatarYe Li <ye.li@nxp.com>
      (cherry picked from commit 5fb43e3f8fba534d49d8066411644285eaa279b4)
    • Ye Li's avatar
      MLK-21885 lmb: Handle the overlap case for lmb reserve · 5f95f318
      Ye Li authored
      lmb reserve is used to reserve some memory so that when loading images
      (like kernel, dtb, initrd), images won't be loaded into the reserved memory.
      The problem in current lmb is it does not handle the overlap case. When adding
      a new reserved memory, if the memory region is overlap with regions already been
      added in lmb, it will fail. One example is reserved memory in DTB may overlap with
      u-boot relocate address. lmb reserves the u-boot relocate address firstly, so when
      adding reserved memory from DTB, we will meet failure.
      Actually if we handle the overlap case, we can resolve the overlap by using a max
      common region for the overlap regions. So that this case won't fail.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarYe Li <ye.li@nxp.com>
      Reviewed-by: default avatarPeng Fan <peng.fan@nxp.com>
      (cherry picked from commit 37d86c68816dffde3dc8dcda5b9d67a195b2f9c2)
    • Ye Li's avatar
      MLK-21905 mx7ulp_evk: Change kernel DTB to EVKB board · 2c2f0428
      Ye Li authored
      The latest mx7ulp evk board is renamed to EVKB board and has dedicated
      DTB files. Modify the kernel DTB names in u-boot to use the new DTB.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarYe Li <ye.li@nxp.com>
      Acked-by: default avatarPeng Fan <peng.fan@nxp.com>
      (cherry picked from commit 297a924ddaf456a5a175d9056c0bc45116cc49ce)
  10. 04 Jun, 2019 2 commits
  11. 30 May, 2019 2 commits
  12. 28 May, 2019 3 commits
    • Ye Li's avatar
      MLK-21879-3 fsl_qspi: Fix flash write issue on mx7ulp · a9116440
      Ye Li authored
      The page write sequence in spi-mem is changed with orignal spi-flash. When
      the max_write_size is set by driver, the orignal sequence is
        1. WREN
        2. write max_write_size data to flash
        3. wait for WIP clean
        4. back to #1 if having data remained in a page.
      The new sequence is:
        1. WREN
        2. write (max_write_size - command length) data to flash
        3. back to #2 if having data remained in a page
        4. wait for WIP clean
      Since mx7ulp has 64 bytes TX buffer (max_write_size), while other iMX chips
      have 512 bytes (page size is 256). So when adapt qspi with the new sequence,
      we have to check the WIP before each write on mx7ulp. Otherwise the WIP may set
      due to previous write is not completed by flash device, then cause current
      write failed.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarYe Li <ye.li@nxp.com>
    • Ye Li's avatar
      MLK-21879-2 spi-mem: Fix read data size issue · 42ea2fa0
      Ye Li authored
      When slave drivers not set the max_read_size, the spi-mem should directly
      use data.nbytes and not limit to any size. But current logic will limit to
      the max_write_size.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarYe Li <ye.li@nxp.com>
    • Ye Li's avatar
      MLK-21879-1 fsl_qspi: increase timeout of is_controller_busy · d0a917b8
      Ye Li authored
      The original codes uses 100ms timeout, but the new is_controller_busy only
      try 5 times with each only 1us delay.
      When the qspi clock is slower, the controller may need longer time in busy.
      On mx7ulp, we meet problem that timeout always happen. So change the codes
      to 100ms timeout
      Signed-off-by: default avatarYe Li <ye.li@nxp.com>