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    • Mohammed Sadiq's avatar
      window: hide windows on delete · d62976a9
      Mohammed Sadiq authored
      As calls is supposed to run always in background,
      destroying window on close results in unintended issues.
      Let's simply hide the window instead.
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      Merge branch 'icon' into 'master' · 54fa97d3
      Bob Ham authored
      data: Update icon file
      See merge request Librem5/calls!36
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      data: Update icon file · 5c8bbd5c
      Bob Ham authored
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      Merge branch 'plugins' into 'master' · 2d4ac90f
      Bob Ham authored
      Turn providers into plugins courtesy of libpeas
      See merge request Librem5/calls!35
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      Turn providers into plugins courtesy of libpeas · 460c0c6c
      Bob Ham authored
      This is an initial, static implementation of plugins.  The
      CallsApplication has a plugin name which can be changed with a new
      --provider command line option.  This plugin name is used to
      instantiate the appropriate plugin when the application is activated.
      From then on, the plugin cannot change.
      In future, we can expand this support to include loading multiple
      plugins at once, configurable through some UI.  This will have
      far-reaching implications though, and complicate things like
      enumerating the provider hierarchy.  There is also no practical
      benefit right now; the mm and ofono plugins can't be used at the same
      time because ModemManager and oFono don't play nice together, and the
      whole raison d'être of the dummy plugin is undermined if you can make
      use of one of the others.  So for now, we just implement one static
  14. 09 Nov, 2018 1 commit