calls v0.3.0

gnome-calls (0.3.0) byzantium; urgency=medium

[ Timo Jyrinki ]

  • po: Add Finnish translation from JRfi, refined by me.

[ Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras ]

  • desktop: Add Network main category
  • manager: remove trailing whitespace
  • manager: add has_active_call() and hang_up_all_calls()
  • application: Hang up calls when closing the UI
  • application: add copy-number action
  • record-row: Allow copying number from context menu
  • record-row: hide copy number menu item
  • new-call-box: clear entry on longpress
  • application: chain up to parents finalize
  • application: Use g_autoptr and g_autofree
  • application: Notify when opening URI/files fails
  • ci: Build flatpak in packaging stage
  • call-display: fix whitespace
  • project: rename to gnome-calls
  • record-store: Handle old and new database locations gracefully
  • display: fix null pointer dereference
  • code style: consistent whitespaces for g_autoptr
  • application: use g_autoptr
  • project: rename back to calls
  • d/control: Add myself as maintainer
  • Document changes and release 0.3.0

[ Eugenio Paolantonio (g7) ]

  • ofono: call: ensure signals get disconnected on voice_call object destruction

[ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]

  • gitlab-ci: Don't use global before_script for package jobs

[ Guido Günther ]

  • gitlab-ci: Use byzantium instead of Debian bullseye

[ Mohammed Sadiq ]

  • application: Simplify loading css
  • application: Remove unused code
  • resources: Use standard icon path
  • Let calls-provider be an abstract class

[ Yuri Chornoivan ]

  • po: Update Ukrainian translation
  • po: Update Ukrainian translation

[ Julian Sparber ]

  • application: disable dial action when making calls isn't possible
  • ci: build packages only for byzantium
  • ci: don't use global variables and definitions
  • ci: drop bullseyeci packages
  • flatpak: use master runtime
  • flatpak: add libcanberra
  • ci: build flatpak
  • ci: write STDOUT for flatpak build to file
  • Revert "ci: write STDOUT for flatpak build to file"
  • remove CallsCallHolder and CallsCallData
  • ContactsProvider: Add contacts provider
  • Contacts: replace CallsContacts with CallsContactsProvider
  • Revert "ui/main-window: Hide contacts pane"
  • Contacts: Add contacts list
  • BestMatch: Turn avatar into a property
  • BestMatch: Move SearchView creation inside the class
  • BestMatch: Allways return a name
  • BestMatch: Simplify code for updating new best matching individual
  • BestMatch: remove BestMatchView to reduce vala code
  • BestMatch: add has-individual property
  • CallsCall: Add method to optain matching contact
  • CallsCallDisplay: Make sure that the contact infomation is updated
  • CallsCallSelectorItem: Make sure that the contact infomation is updated
  • CallManager: drop calls_manager_get_contact_name ()
  • Remove unused CallsParty
  • CallsCallRecordRow: Cleanup contact setup
  • CallsCallDisplay: use HdyAvatar

[ Arnaud Ferraris ]

  • call-display: update libcallaudio API calls
  • src: update libcallaudio dependency
  • d/control: add version requirement on libcallaudio build dependency
  • flatpak: update callaudiod version
  • call-display: switch to default audio profile only if no other call

[ Sebastian Rasmussen ]

  • po: Update Swedish translation