Commit 07aa460a authored by Mohammed Sadiq's avatar Mohammed Sadiq
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user-info-dialog: Simplify check if chat is IM

parent e070708c
......@@ -185,17 +185,15 @@ user_info_dialog_encrypt_changed_cb (ChattyUserInfoDialog *self)
static void
chatty_user_info_dialog_request_fps (ChattyUserInfoDialog *self)
PurpleAccount *account;
PurpleConversationType type;
const char *name;
PurpleAccount *account;
const char *name;
void * plugins_handle = purple_plugins_get_handle();
account = purple_conversation_get_account (self->conv);
type = purple_conversation_get_type (self->conv);
name = purple_conversation_get_name (self->conv);
if (type == PURPLE_CONV_TYPE_IM) {
if (chatty_chat_is_im (self->chat)) {
g_autofree gchar *stripped = chatty_utils_jabber_id_strip (name);
purple_signal_emit (plugins_handle,
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