Commit db689dba authored by Mohammed Sadiq's avatar Mohammed Sadiq
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chat: Add API to check if chat is IM

parent 6294dda9
......@@ -59,10 +59,12 @@ struct _ChattyChat
char *last_message;
char *chat_name;
char *account_username;
guint unread_count;
guint last_msg_time;
e_msg_dir last_msg_direction;
ChattyEncryption encrypt;
gboolean is_im;
G_DEFINE_TYPE (ChattyChat, chatty_chat, CHATTY_TYPE_ITEM)
......@@ -430,6 +432,23 @@ chatty_chat_init (ChattyChat *self)
ChattyChat *
chatty_chat_new (const char *account_username,
const char *chat_name,
gboolean is_im)
ChattyChat *self;
self = g_object_new (CHATTY_TYPE_CHAT, NULL);
self->chat_name = g_strdup (chat_name);
self->account_username = g_strdup (account_username);
self->is_im = !!is_im;
return self;
ChattyChat *
chatty_chat_new_im_chat (PurpleAccount *account,
PurpleBuddy *buddy)
......@@ -536,6 +555,34 @@ chatty_chat_set_purple_conv (ChattyChat *self,
* chatty_chat_is_im:
* @self: A #ChattyChat
* Get if @self is an instant message or not.
* Returns: %TRUE if @self is an instant message.
* %FALSE if @self is a multiuser chat.
chatty_chat_is_im (ChattyChat *self)
PurpleConversationType type = PURPLE_CONV_TYPE_UNKNOWN;
g_return_val_if_fail (CHATTY_IS_CHAT (self), FALSE);
if (self->buddy)
return TRUE;
if (self->conv)
type = purple_conversation_get_type (self->conv);
if (type == PURPLE_CONV_TYPE_IM)
return TRUE;
return self->is_im;
chatty_chat_get_protocol (ChattyChat *self)
......@@ -601,6 +648,9 @@ chatty_chat_get_username (ChattyChat *self)
if (self->conv)
return purple_account_get_username (self->conv->account);
if (self->account_username)
return self->account_username;
return "";
......@@ -32,12 +32,16 @@ typedef enum {
} e_msg_dir;
ChattyChat *chatty_chat_new (const char *account_username,
const char *chat_name,
gboolean is_im);
ChattyChat *chatty_chat_new_im_chat (PurpleAccount *account,
PurpleBuddy *buddy);
ChattyChat *chatty_chat_new_purple_chat (PurpleChat *pp_chat);
ChattyChat *chatty_chat_new_purple_conv (PurpleConversation *conv);
void chatty_chat_set_purple_conv (ChattyChat *self,
PurpleConversation *conv);
gboolean chatty_chat_is_im (ChattyChat *self);
ChattyProtocol chatty_chat_get_protocol (ChattyChat *self);
PurpleChat *chatty_chat_get_purple_chat (ChattyChat *self);
PurpleBuddy *chatty_chat_get_purple_buddy (ChattyChat *self);
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