lfb-event: Notify state change before completing async task

lfb_event_trigger_feedback_async() internally uses a GTask to handle
invocation of the user provided callback when g_task_return_*() is

Currently GTask is completed first and only afterwards is the state of
the event being updated which can lead to suprising behaviour in code
like this:

static void
on_event_triggered (LfbEvent     *event,
                    GAsyncResult *res,
                    CallsRinger  *self)
  g_autoptr (GError) err = NULL;
  gboolean ok;

  g_return_if_fail (LFB_IS_EVENT (event));

  ok = lfb_event_trigger_feedback_finish (event, res, &err);
  if (ok) {
    LfbEventState state = lfb_event_get_state (event);
    /* do something with state */

In this case `state` would return a stale value that's about to get
changed. Instead it would be better to *first* change the state and only
afterwards complete the GTask.

This also makes the sync and async variants consistent in terms of when
they change the event state.

Closes: #59
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