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......@@ -136,13 +136,13 @@ Notification Area
Certain notifications from applications are presented in the area below the settings panel. These are typically notifications that you may have missed and need to be reminded about.
.. image:: ../images/phosh/phosh-settings-notifications.png
.. image:: ../images/software/software-updates-notification.png
:align: center
:scale: 50%
:alt: The notification area of the settings panel
The notifications that appear here will usually be displayed briefly at the top
of the screen before they are placed in the area.
of the screen before they are placed in the area. These include :ref:`notifications about software updates <librem_5_software_update_notifications>`, like the one shown in the image above. It is important to keep up-to-date with updates and fixes to software.
See :ref:`librem_5_notifications` for information about how notifications are delivered from applications and the system.
......@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@
.. _librem_5_software:
Installing New Applications
Installing and Updating Applications
.. image:: images/software/sm.puri.Store.svg
:width: 128
......@@ -140,10 +140,35 @@ Updating Applications
It is a good idea to update applications and other components regularly to ensure that you have the latest versions of them. These should contain fixes for any problems that have been reported by users and developers.
Ensure that you have enabled a network connection, either via :ref:`librem_5_wlan` or a mobile data connection. Select the **Updates** tab at the bottom of the screen to show the list of pending updates. This may show a message indicating that the system is looking for updates.
.. image:: images/software/software-updates.png
:align: center
:scale: 50%
:alt: The Software updates page
:alt: Looking for updates to applications and system software
If you do not have a network connection, you will see a message indicating this.
.. image:: images/software/software-updates-offline.png
:align: center
:scale: 50%
:alt: The network is offline
Press the **Network Settings** button to configure the network connection then return to the **PureOS Store** application and continue.
If the updates have been found, you will either see a message indicating that the software is up-to-date or a list of updates.
.. |software-up-to-date| image:: images/software/software-updates-up-to-date.png
:scale: 50%
:alt: The installed software is up-to-date
.. |software-updates-found| image:: images/software/software-updates.png
:scale: 50%
:alt: The Updates tab showing the pending updates
.. centered:: |software-up-to-date| |software-updates-found|
The updates are sorted into two sections: **Requires Restart** and **Application Updates**.
Each application that requires an update can be updated individually by pressing the button on the right hand side of its name. The amount of data that will be downloaded is shown below this button.
......@@ -157,6 +182,50 @@ When you update an application, the button to the right of it becomes an update
The application or component will be removed from the list of updates after it has been updated.
If there is a pending operating system (OS) update that requires a system restart, there will be one or more items in the **Requires Restart** section on the page. See the :ref:`librem_5_software_updating_system` section for more information about these.
.. _librem_5_software_update_notifications:
Update Notifications
Depending on the configuration, notifications will be shown when software updates are available. These can be viewed by opening the settings panel at the top of the screen.
.. image:: images/software/software-updates-notification.png
:align: center
:scale: 50%
:alt: Notifications indicate when software updates are available
You can dismiss a notification by pressing **Not Now** or press **View** to get more information about it.
.. _librem_5_software_updating_system:
Updating the System Software
Software updates that require the system to restart are shown in the **Requires Restart** section of the **Updates** tab.
.. image:: images/software/software-updates.png
:align: center
:scale: 50%
:alt: Software updates including one that requires a system restart
You may want to shut down applications before installing an update in this section. Press the **Download** button to download the update, ready for installation. Note that the update may be downloaded automatically but not installed depending on the update configuration -- see the :ref:`librem_5_software_configuring_updates` section for more information.
When the update is ready to install, the **Download** button will change to **Restart & Update**.
.. image:: images/software/software-updating-restart.png
:align: center
:scale: 50%
:alt: Ready to install an OS update
Press the button when you are ready to restart the system and install the update. The screen will fade to black then the system will restart.
.. _librem_5_software_configuring_updates:
Configuring Updates
You can configure how updates are handled by opening the application menu and selecting the **Update Preferences** item.
.. image:: images/software/software-update-preferences-menu.png

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