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quick-tour: Add note about toggling auto-rotation

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......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ A series of icons provide shortcuts for common tasks:
* The **Wi-Fi** icon shows the state of the phone's connection to any local wireless hotspots.
* The **Bluetooth** icon shows whether Bluetooth is active or disabled.
* The power indicator shows the battery's current charge and charging state. Tapping this opens the **Power** section of the :ref:`settings <librem_5_settings>` application.
* The screen orientation indicator shows the current screen orientation and can be used to switch between **Portrait** and **Landscape** modes.
* The screen orientation indicator can be used to toggle auto rotation on or off. Long pressing the indicator allows switching between **Portrait** and **Landscape** modes.
* The bell indicator is used to enable and disable sound notifications.
* The **Torch** indicator is used to switch the camera flash LED on and off, using it as a flashlight.
* The docking indicator shows whether the phone is **Docked** or **Undocked**. When docked, the phone can display applications on an external monitor.
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