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README: Fix gdbus test command

It is TriggerFeedback and not Feedback (anymore). Also add a note how to
end the feedback in order to prevent loss of hearing :-).
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......@@ -57,7 +57,12 @@ gdbus introspect --session --dest org.sigxcpu.Feedback --object-path /org/sigxcp
and to request feedback for an event
gdbus call --session --dest org.sigxcpu.Feedback --object-path /org/sigxcpu/Feedback --method org.sigxcpu.Feedback.Feedback '' 'phone-incoming-call' '[]' 0
gdbus call --session --dest org.sigxcpu.Feedback --object-path /org/sigxcpu/Feedback --method org.sigxcpu.Feedback.TriggerFeedback '' 'phone-incoming-call' '[]' 0
This will return an Event id which you should memorize if you ever want to end the ringtone with:
gdbus call --session --dest org.sigxcpu.Feedback --object-path /org/sigxcpu/Feedback --method org.sigxcpu.Feedback.EndFeedback EVENTID
See `examples/` for a simple python example using GObject introspection.
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