Commit 6c9001db authored by Guido Gunther's avatar Guido Gunther
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media-player: Drop lockscreen styling

Style it the same way we style in settings menu and the notifications.

Closer to designs in

Signed-off-by: Guido Gunther's avatarGuido Günther <>
parent 9d7cebda
......@@ -244,19 +244,8 @@ keypad > grid > button:focus, .text-only-button:focus {
phosh-lockscreen phosh-media-player {
background: none;
border: solid 1px;
border-color: rgb(51,51,51);
border-radius: 0;
phosh-lockscreen phosh-media-player button {
background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.3);
border: none;
phosh-lockscreen phosh-media-player button:not(:hover):not(:active) {
background: none;
margin-left: 12px;
margin-right: 12px;
phosh-lockscreen .phosh-notification-tray list {
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