Commit 0cc81178 authored by Angel Pons's avatar Angel Pons Committed by Nico Huber
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nb/intel/ironlake/quickpath.c: Correct one value

Commit 56823f53

Rewrite early QPI init) rewrote this part, but the or-value is missing
one zero. Correct this magic value to align with MRC binaries.

Change-Id: Id7a6766b3f0fe415dea70cbc54afc30f808c8b16
Signed-off-by: default avatarAngel Pons <>

Reviewed-by: default avatarPatrick Rudolph <>
Tested-by: default avatarbuild bot (Jenkins) <>
parent ca8968db
......@@ -562,7 +562,7 @@ void early_quickpath_init(struct raminfo *info, const u8 x2ca8)
MCHBAR8_OR(0x2ca8, 1);
MCHBAR32_AND(0x1890, 0xfdffffff);
MCHBAR32_AND_OR(0x18b4, 0xffff6fff, 0x600);
MCHBAR32_AND_OR(0x18b4, 0xffff6fff, 0x6000);
MCHBAR32(0x18a4) = 0x22222222;
MCHBAR32(0x18a8) = 0x22222222;
MCHBAR32(0x18ac) = 0x22222;
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