Commit fe4f6ae5 authored by Matt DeVillier's avatar Matt DeVillier Committed by Youness Alaoui
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intel/fsp/fsp2_0: Fix FSP 2.0 headers to match github version

The current FSP 2.0 headers do not match the headers from the official
FSP 2.0 image that was released on github [1].

The SpiFlashCfgLockDown, PcieRpClkSrcNumber and IslVrCmd fields in the
FspsUpd structure do not exist in the github version, but they are kept
here because they are used by coreboot and are not causing problems when
set as it only changed UnusedUpdSpace in the github UPD.

The MEMORY_INFO_DATA_HOB structure has its EfiHobGuidType field removed
because hob_header_to_extension_hob in drivers/intel/fsp2_0/
called by fsp_find_extension_hob_by_guid will actually remove it before
returning the structure pointer.


Change-Id: I233bf7cf6f62e9e1b389d42a09461717a3285f0f
Signed-off-by: default avatarMatt DeVillier <>
Signed-off-by: Youness Alaoui's avatarYouness Alaoui <>
parent 6794ce02
......@@ -170,13 +170,6 @@ typedef struct {
UINT16 tWTR_S; ///< Number of tCK cycles for the channel DIMM's minimum internal write to read command delay time for different bank groups.
typedef struct {
UINT8 SG; ///< Number of tCK cycles between transactions in the same bank group.
UINT8 DG; ///< Number of tCK cycles between transactions when switching bank groups.
UINT8 DR; ///< Number of tCK cycles between transactions when switching between Ranks (in the same DIMM).
UINT8 DD; ///< Number of tCK cycles between transactions when switching between DIMMs.
/// Memory SMBIOS & OC Memory Data Hob
......@@ -207,10 +200,6 @@ typedef struct {
UINT8 RevisionId; ///< The PCI revision id of this memory controller.
UINT8 ChannelCount; ///< Number of valid channels that exist on the controller.
CHANNEL_INFO ChannelInfo[MAX_CH]; ///< The following are channel level definitions.
MRC_TA_TIMING tRd2Rd; ///< Read-to-Read Turn Around Timings
MRC_TA_TIMING tRd2Wr; ///< Read-to-Write Turn Around Timings
MRC_TA_TIMING tWr2Rd; ///< Write-to-Read Turn Around Timings
MRC_TA_TIMING tWr2Wr; ///< Write-to-Write Turn Around Timings
typedef struct {
......@@ -228,6 +217,7 @@ typedef struct {
UINT8 ErrorCorrectionType;
SiMrcVersion Version;
UINT32 FreqMax;
BOOLEAN EccSupport;
UINT8 MemoryProfile;
UINT32 TotalPhysicalMemorySize;
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