Verified Commit 9579ec3d authored by Matt Devillier's avatar Matt Devillier
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kexec: Update to version 2.0.22 (was: 2.0.20)

Update version, download hash, patch filename.

Fixes some IOMMU-related issues on Librem Mini v1/v2, L14
Signed-off-by: Matt Devillier's avatarMatt DeVillier <>
parent 7a299835
modules-$(CONFIG_KEXEC) += kexec
kexec_version := 2.0.20
kexec_version := 2.0.22
kexec_dir := kexec-tools-$(kexec_version)
kexec_tar := kexec-tools-$(kexec_version).tar.gz
kexec_url :=$(kexec_tar)
kexec_hash := cb16d79818e0c9de3bb3e33ede5677c34a1d28c646379c7ab44e0faa3eb57a16
kexec_hash := 40623d4321be2865ef9ea2cd6ec998d31dcf93d0f74353cbd3aa06d8821e3e41
kexec_configure := ./configure \
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