Verified Commit d510e5db authored by Jonathon Hall's avatar Jonathon Hall
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functions: Revert change to include NVMe disks (unable to test)

Librem 14 does not support Thunderbolt over the USB-C ports, so USB
NVMe disks can't be used on it.  We don't have any hardware that can
test this change.

Signed-off-by: Jonathon Hall's avatarJonathon Hall <>
parent a63d11ae
......@@ -139,10 +139,7 @@ enable_usb()
# Include sd* and nvme*; USB-attached NVM.e disks appear as nvme*.
# If there are no sd* or nvme* devices, stat just prints an error that
# is ignored.
stat -c %N /sys/block/sd* /sys/block/nvme* 2>/dev/null | grep usb |
stat -c %N /sys/block/sd* 2>/dev/null | grep usb |
cut -f1 -d ' ' |
sed "s/[']//g" |
while read b; do
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