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Update PureBoot images to heads-beta-8

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This document provides a brief chronological summary of Purism Librem firmware releases, and the changes in each build/release.
### PureBoot heads-beta-8
* Fixed spurious error re: mounting efivarsfs
* Removed duplicate MOTD at startup
* Changed MOTD from HEADS to PUREBOOT
* Streamlined ROM hash generation for non-TPM devices
* Revised main menu items for clarity
* Added newlines for improved readability in console output
* Added prompt to update /boot checksums after adding a new GPG key
* Fixed error/warning background colors on Librem 15v3/4 devices
* Fixed boot device/user config not persisting when GPG key added
* Improved handling of missing/invalid boot device on startup
* Added GPG menu option to replace existing key(s)
* Added a Full Reset option to remove all GPG keys, boot signature/checksums, and user config
* Improved error handling when persisting GPG/user config items
* Changed default to Y when selecting to change the default boot selection
* Added a retry prompt when Librem Key detection fails
* Fixed not handling user cancellation when adding a GPG key
* Improved detection/handling of non-TPM boot flow
### PureBoot heads-beta-7
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