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This document provides a brief chronological summary of Purism Librem firmware releases, and the changes in each build/release.
### PureBoot Release 24
* PureBoot Basic: Add USB automatic boot configuration setting.
* When enabled, bootable USB devices are booted by default instead of the installed operating system.
* PureBoot Basic: Boot first installed menu entry by default.
* Default boot options no longer have to be configured manually, and no reconfiguration is needed if the OS kernel is updated.
* This can be disabled in configuration to configure a custom boot option instead.
* Ignore device specifications in GRUB menu entries - fixes PureOS installer's GRUB/EFI boot options.
* Rebased on HEADS upstream master branch (139ecb8)
* Updated all devices (except L1UM) to coreboot 4.18-Purism-1 (tag)
### coreboot 4.18-Purism-1
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