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Release libhandy 0.0.9

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%global _vpath_srcdir %{name}
Name: libhandy
Version: 0.0.8
Version: 0.0.9
Release: 1%{?dist}
Summary: A library full of GTK+ widgets for mobile phones
libhandy (0.0.9) experimental; urgency=medium
[ Benjamin Berg ]
* glade: Mark ActionRow properties as translatable/icon.
Without this, it is impossible to set the translatable flag in glade,
making it hard to create proper UI definitions.
[ Bastien Nocera ]
* Use correct i18n include.
From the Internationalization section of the GLib API docs:
In order to use these macros in an application, you must include
<glib/gi18n.h>. For use in a library, you must include <glib/gi18n-lib.h>
after defining the GETTEXT_PACKAGE macro suitably for your library
* Fix broken translations in all libhandy applications.
Translations in all the applications using libhandy would be broken
after a call to hdy_init() as it changed the default gettext translation
[ Adrien Plazas ]
* examples: Update the Flatpak command.
The command should changed with the demo application name.
* leaflet: Improve the slide child transition description.
This makes the slide child transition description match the one of the
slide mode transition one.
* action-row: Upcast self to check the activated row.
Upcast the HdyActionRow rather than downcasting the activated row to
compare their pointers. This prevents error messages when a sibbling row
that isn't a HdyActionRow is activated. Also use a simple cast rather
than a safe cast as it is there only to please the compiler and is
useless for a pointer comparison and it's faster.
* Drop 'dialer' from the UI resources path.
This makes the UI file paths more correct and simpler.
* leaflet: Add hdy_leaflet_stop_child_transition()
This makes the code clearer by encapsulating child mode transition
cancellation into its own function.
* leaflet: Factorize bin window move and resize.
This ensures we move or resize it consistently.
* leaflet: Move the bin window on child transition cancellation.
This avoids the children to be drawn out of place when a mode transition
is triggered while a child transition was ongoing.
Add and use HDY_STYLE_PROVIDER_PRIORITY to help ensuring custom styling
is applied consistently and correctly accross all the library.
* expander-row: Move the custom style to a resource.
This makes the code cleaner, easier to read, and simnpler to modify.
* combo-row: Move the custom style to a resource.
This makes the code cleaner, easier to read, and simnpler to modify.
* expander-row: Add the expanded property.
This can be used to reveal external widgets depending on the state of
the row.
[ Guido Günther ]
* debian: Test GObject introspection.
This makes sure we have the typelib file installed correctly.
* debian/tests: Drop API version from include.
This makes sure we respect pkg-config's findings.
* examples: Add API version to demo name.
This makes different versions co-installable.
* build: Don't hardcode API version
* Release libhandy 0.0.9
-- Guido Günther <> Thu, 07 Mar 2019 12:37:34 +0100
libhandy (0.0.8) experimental; urgency=medium
[ Adrien Plazas ]
......@@ -69,10 +69,12 @@ libhandy-0.0-0 #MINVER#
hdy_enum_value_object_new@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_enum_value_row_name@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_expander_row_get_enable_expansion@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_expander_row_get_expanded@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.9
hdy_expander_row_get_show_enable_switch@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_expander_row_get_type@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_expander_row_new@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_expander_row_set_enable_expansion@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_expander_row_set_expanded@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.9
hdy_expander_row_set_show_enable_switch@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_fold_get_type@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0~git20180429
hdy_header_group_add_header_bar@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.3
project('libhandy', 'c',
version: '0.0.8',
version: '0.0.9',
license: 'LGPL-2.1+',
meson_version: '>= 0.47.0',
default_options: [ 'warning_level=1', 'buildtype=debugoptimized', 'c_std=gnu11' ],
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