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Release libhandy 0.0.7

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%global _vpath_srcdir %{name}
Name: libhandy
Version: 0.0.6
Version: 0.0.7
Release: 1%{?dist}
Summary: A library full of GTK+ widgets for mobile phones
libhandy (0.0.7) experimental; urgency=medium
[ Adrien Plazas ]
* glade: Add row widgets to the widget classes. They are missing and don't
appear in Glade.
* glade: Add that HdySearchBar. It's in libhandy since 0.0.6
* action-row: Handle show_all()
This avoids an empty image, an empty subtitle and an empty prefixes box
to be visible when calling show_all(), as they are handled by the row
* action-row: Add the Since annotation to properties
* example: Make the row with no action non-activatable
* tests: Init libhandy.
This ensures we run the test the same way applications are expected to
run libhandy.
* docs: Add section for new symbols in 0.0.7
* action-row: Add the activatable-widget property.
This allows to bind the activation of the row by a click or a mnemonic
to the activation of a widget.
* action-row: Chain up the parent dispose method
* combo-row: Release the model on dispose.
This avoids errors when trying to disconnect signals on finalization.
* combo-box: Rename selected_position to selecxted_index.
This will better match the name for its accessors which will be added in
the next commit.
* combo-row: Add the selected-index property.
This allows to access the selected item.
* main: Explicitely load the resources in hdy_init()
This is mandatory to use resources of a static version of libhandy, and
is hence mandatory to allow to build libhandy as a static library.
* meson: Bump Meson to 0.47.0.
This is required to use the feature option type in the next commit.
* meson: Make introspection and the Glade catalog features.
This avoids having to disable them when their dependencies aren't
available and it will allow to disable them properly when libhandy will
be allowed to be built as a static library in the next commit.
* meson: Allow to build as a static library.
This also disables the Glade catalog as it doesn't work with a static
* action-row: Drop pointers to internals on destruction.
This avoids crashes when trying to access pointers to already dropped
* expander-row: Drop pointers to internals on destruction.
This avoids crashes when trying to access pointers to already dropped
* examples: Make the Dialog section look nicer.
This improves the spacing, adds and icon and adds a description to the
Dialog section.
* dialog: Close when pressing the back button.
Close the dialog instead of destroying it when clicking the back button.
This is the same behavior as when pressing escape or clicking the close
button and allows the dialog to be reused as some applications like to
[ louib ]
* Add GNOME Contacts as example
[ Guido Günther ]
* HdyComboRow: Don't use g_autoptr for GEnumClass
g_autoptr for GEnumClass was added post 2.56, so using it makes it
harder for people to package for distros. Not using g_autoptr there
doesn't make the code much less readable.
* HdyDialer: Don't use class method slot for 'delete'
We used the one of 'submit' so far due to a c'n'p error. (Closes: #67)
* HdyComboRow: hdy_combo_row_get_model: Add missing scope annotation
* gitlab-ci: Build static library.
The library build is sufficiently different that we want to run the
build and tests.
* Release libhandy 0.0.7
[ David Cordero ]
* Update documentation regarding build dependencies
[ Zander Brown ]
* Implement HdyDialog, an adaptive GtkDialog
* example: Add to example application.
Silly simple demo of HdyDialog.
[ Benjamin Berg ]
* combo-row: Rework selected-index property setting and notification.
The notify::selected-index signal was not selected in most cases. Rework
the selection handling to ensure that it is always emited when it changes
or if the module is replaced.
Also fixed are a few checks on whether the selection index is valid.
-- Guido Günther <> Fri, 18 Jan 2019 14:38:30 +0100
libhandy (0.0.6) experimental; urgency=medium
[ Adrien Plazas ]
......@@ -3,12 +3,14 @@ libhandy-0.0-0 #MINVER#
hdy_action_row_activate@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_action_row_add_action@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_action_row_add_prefix@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_action_row_get_activatable_widget@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.7
hdy_action_row_get_icon_name@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_action_row_get_subtitle@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_action_row_get_title@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_action_row_get_type@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_action_row_get_use_underline@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_action_row_new@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_action_row_set_activatable_widget@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.7
hdy_action_row_set_icon_name@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_action_row_set_subtitle@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_action_row_set_title@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
......@@ -32,9 +34,11 @@ libhandy-0.0-0 #MINVER#
hdy_combo_row_bind_model@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_combo_row_bind_name_model@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_combo_row_get_model@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_combo_row_get_selected_index@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.7
hdy_combo_row_get_type@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_combo_row_new@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_combo_row_set_for_enum@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_combo_row_set_selected_index@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.7
hdy_dialer_button_get_digit@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0~git20180429
#MISSING: 0.0.3# hdy_dialer_button_get_letters@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.4~
hdy_dialer_button_get_symbols@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.3
......@@ -56,6 +60,8 @@ libhandy-0.0-0 #MINVER#
hdy_dialer_set_number@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0~git20180429
hdy_dialer_set_relief@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.3
hdy_dialer_set_show_action_buttons@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0~git20180429
hdy_dialog_get_type@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.7
hdy_dialog_new@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.7
hdy_enum_value_object_get_name@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_enum_value_object_get_nick@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
hdy_enum_value_object_get_type@LIBHANDY_0_0_0 0.0.6
project('libhandy', 'c',
version: '0.0.6',
version: '0.0.7',
license: 'LGPL-2.1+',
meson_version: '>= 0.47.0',
default_options: [ 'warning_level=1', 'buildtype=debugoptimized', 'c_std=gnu11' ],
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