Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.


  • post initial launch
    Identifies items to not even be looked at until the first shipment of the phone
  • regression
    An error that wasn't' present in a prior release of the software
  • release_blocker
    The next release must include this MR or all MRs to fix this issue
  • serious
    the package has an issue with licensing (non-free), privacy, or security, or (in the package maintainer’s or release manager’s opinion) makes the package unsuitable for release
  • simcom
    Relates to the SIMCom SIM7100 modem
  • suspend
    Suspend/Resume related issues
  • switch
    Related to hardware switches
  • usb-c
    Issues related to the usb-c port
  • verified-amber-phone
    The bug was verified as fixed in amber-phone or amber-updates
  • verified-amber-phone-staging
    The bug was verified as fixed in amber-phone-staging or amber-proposed-updates
  • wishlist
    for any feature request, and also for any bugs that are very difficult to fix due to major design considerations
  • wontfix
    the issue will not be resolved and a reason should be in the comments
  • user story points (anything more than 34)