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Moving window size capture to when search entry occurs, not upon each result...

Moving window size capture to when search entry occurs, not upon each result showing (solving the issue of fullscreen before all async results show (and miscalculate window app size))
The app size also is not needed to be done multiple times from results
parent 6a71f595
......@@ -62,13 +62,8 @@ class ResultsBox(Gtk.Box):
# listen for motion on the player box for controls show/hide
# determine window width at time of search
# do ratio calculation from width (16:9 or 1.77)
# retain aspect ratio
size = self.app_window.get_size()
self.app_orig_width = size.width
self.app_orig_height = size.height
self.video_box_width = int(size.width - self.window_to_player_box_padding)
self.video_box_width = int(self.app_window.app_orig_width - self.window_to_player_box_padding)
self.video_box_height = int(self.video_box_width / 1.77)
self.player_box.set_size_request(self.video_box_width, self.video_box_height)
......@@ -381,11 +376,11 @@ class ResultsBox(Gtk.Box):
set_width = int(self.app_orig_width - self.window_to_player_box_padding)
set_width = int(self.app_window.app_orig_width - self.window_to_player_box_padding)
set_height = int(set_width / 1.77)
self.resize_player(set_width, set_height)
self.app_window.resize(self.app_orig_width, self.app_orig_height)
self.app_window.resize(self.app_window.app_orig_width, self.app_window.app_orig_height)
scroller = self.app_window.scroller
scroller.set_policy(Gtk.PolicyType.NEVER, Gtk.PolicyType.AUTOMATIC)
......@@ -97,6 +97,11 @@ class StreamWindow(Handy.ApplicationWindow):
self.page_results = 1
# determine app window size at time of search
size = self.get_size()
self.app_orig_width = size.width
self.app_orig_height = size.height
if not self.strong_instances:
self.show_error_box("Service Failure",
"No strong video server instances found yet. Try again shortly.")
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