Commit 2dec55f3 authored by Michael Catanzaro's avatar Michael Catanzaro
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window: fix leak in accept_navigation_policy_decision

Part-of: <>

(cherry picked from commit 56b457758522557cf9a10256103f2fc7c404fb64)
parent 77b8ece9
......@@ -2070,11 +2070,10 @@ accept_navigation_policy_decision (EphyWindow *window,
g_autoptr (WebKitWebsitePolicies) website_policies = NULL;
EphyPermission permission = EPHY_PERMISSION_UNDECIDED;
EphyEmbedShell *shell;
const char *origin;
g_autofree char *origin = ephy_uri_to_security_origin (uri);
shell = ephy_embed_shell_get_default ();
origin = ephy_uri_to_security_origin (uri);
if (origin) {
permission = ephy_permissions_manager_get_permission (ephy_embed_shell_get_permissions_manager (shell),
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