Commit 1ed04e40 authored by Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras's avatar Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras
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fbd-dev-sound: Honour sound theme name for all GNOME based desktops

Phosh recently changed to XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=GNOME:Phosh and has since stopped
using the configured theme and instead used the fallback freedesktop theme.

Closes #41
parent 3802c89e
......@@ -114,14 +114,20 @@ initable_init (GInitable *initable,
FbdDevSound *self = FBD_DEV_SOUND (initable);
const char *desktop;
gboolean gnome_session = FALSE;
self->playbacks = g_hash_table_new (g_direct_hash, g_direct_equal);
self->ctx = gsound_context_new(NULL, error);
self->ctx = gsound_context_new (NULL, error);
if (!self->ctx)
return FALSE;
desktop = g_getenv ("XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP");
if (!g_strcmp0 (desktop, "GNOME")) {
if (desktop) {
g_auto (GStrv) components = g_strsplit (desktop, ":", -1);
gnome_session = g_strv_contains ((const char * const *)components, "GNOME");
if (gnome_session) {
self->sound_settings = g_settings_new (GNOME_SOUND_SCHEMA_ID);
g_signal_connect_object (self->sound_settings, "changed::" GNOME_SOUND_KEY_THEME_NAME,
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