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d/ Drop hack

With the module build passing we don't need to hack around it
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......@@ -42,24 +42,31 @@ unload() {
echo "Building driver"
# Oddly fails with exit code 7
dkms build -m rs9116 -v "${VERSION}" || true
dkms install -m rs9116 -v "${VERSION}"
echo "Unloading redpine modules"
rmmod -v redpine_sdio redpine_91x
insmod "${MODULE_PATH}"/rsi_91x.ko dev_oper_mode=13 rsi_zone_enabled=1
set -e
modprobe rsi_91x dev_oper_mode=13 rsi_zone_enabled=1
wifi_power on
sleep 1
echo "Loading redpine update modules to burn firmware"
insmod "${MODULE_PATH}/rsi_sdio.ko"
modprobe rsi_sdio
sleep 5
echo "Unloading redpine update modules"
rmmod -v rsi_sdio rsi_91x
modprobe -r rsi_sdio
if lsmod | grep -qs ^rsi_; then
echo "Failed to unload rsi modules"
exit 1
dkms uninstall rs9116/"${VERSION}"
echo "Re-loading redpine modules"
modprobe redpine_sdio
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