Commit 91930605 authored by Julian Sparber's avatar Julian Sparber Committed by Guido Gunther

AvatarSelector: fix hidpi, avatars are to small

parent 95944c86
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......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ public class Contacts.AvatarSelector : Popover {
private FlowBoxChild create_thumbnail (Gdk.Pixbuf source_pixbuf) {
var avatar = new Avatar (ICONS_SIZE);
var pixbuf = source_pixbuf.scale_simple (ICONS_SIZE, ICONS_SIZE, Gdk.InterpType.HYPER);
var pixbuf = source_pixbuf.scale_simple (ICONS_SIZE * this.scale_factor, ICONS_SIZE * this.scale_factor, Gdk.InterpType.HYPER);
avatar.set_pixbuf (pixbuf);
var button = new Button ();
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