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stm_agps_serial: reduce CPU utilization in readline

Reading more from the serial device and adding a 100ms delay in the
readline loop prevents the loop from spinning faster than the serial
device can write.
parent 5d940d9b
# Copyright(c) 2021 by craftyguy "Clayton Craft" <>
# Distributed under GPLv3+ (see COPYING) WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
import logging
import trio
from .logger import LoggedException
from .stm_agps import STM_AGPS
......@@ -47,14 +48,16 @@ class STM_AGPS_SERIAL(STM_AGPS):
self._buf = bytearray(self._buf[idx+1:])
return bytes(line)
while True:
data = await self._ser.receive_some(10)
data = await self._ser.receive_some(40)
idx = data.find(b'\n')
if idx >= 0:
line = self._buf + data[:idx+1]
self._buf = bytearray(data[idx+1:])
return bytes(line)
self._buf.extend(data + b'_')
# sleep to prevent spinning faster than the serial device can write
await trio.sleep(0.1)
async def _write(self, data):
await self._ser.send_all(data)
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