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main: send all gps data to clients

Maintaining a list of prefixes is not great, since this currently
contains only GGA, and there are many other things clients might want.
So this just sends everything to clients. They can choose what they want
to pay attention to.
parent d100a2e7
......@@ -16,17 +16,6 @@ from .logger import LoggedException
from .stm_agps import STM_AGPS
from .stm_agps_serial import STM_AGPS_SERIAL
# List of NMEA prefixes to send to clients.
# This list is the same one that geoclue monitors.
b"$GAGGA", # Galieo
b"$GBGGA", # BeiDou
b"$BDGGA", # BeiDou
b"$GNGGA", # GNSS (combined)
# new root logger
logger = logging.getLogger("gnss_share")
......@@ -44,7 +33,7 @@ class GnssShare:
# Reference to open device/driver
self._active_driver = None
# Holds the last NMEA location sentence retrieved from the device
self._location = b""
self._sentence = b""
# Set by signal handler to indicate AGPS data should be stored
self._signal_store = False
self._socket_path = config['gnss_share'].get('socket')
......@@ -83,12 +72,12 @@ class GnssShare:
async with self._driver(self._device_path) as driver:
async def _get_location(self):
""" Returns last received location from gnss driver, or None """
async def _get_sentence(self):
""" Returns last received sentence from gnss driver, or None """
if not self._active_driver:
self.__log.warn("Tried to read from inactive device!")
return b""
return self._location
return self._sentence
async def _handle_socket_connection(self, conn):
""" Handler for client connections over a socket """
......@@ -97,9 +86,9 @@ class GnssShare:
while True:
location = await self._get_location()
if location:
await conn.send_all(location)
sentence = await self._get_sentence()
if sentence:
await conn.send_all(sentence)
# Send data to clients at this rate.
# TODO: is this too fast or too slow?
await trio.sleep(1)
......@@ -148,10 +137,7 @@ class GnssShare:
self._active_driver = self._driver(self._device_path,
line = await self._active_driver.readline()
prefix = line.split(b',')[0]
if prefix in GNSS_PREFIXES:
self._location = line
self._sentence = await self._active_driver.readline()
# polling loop delay when clients are connected
# TODO: is this adequate? Any faster and CPU utilization
# climbs...
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