Verified Commit 995178c4 authored by Clayton Craft's avatar Clayton Craft
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stm_agps: add __write method for subclasses to override

The call to write() is different for gnss devices, so breaking this out
into a new method allows subclasses to use their own specific write()
parent 09032f66
......@@ -41,13 +41,16 @@ class STM_AGPS:
async def readline(self):
return await self._ser.readline()
async def _write(self, data):
await self._ser.write(data)
async def _serial_write_cmd(self, cmd, expect=None):
# number of times to poll serial output for ACK after sending command
polling_loops = 50"cmd: {cmd}")
await self._ser.write(str(cmd).encode("ascii"))
await self._ser.write(b'\r\n')
await self._write(str(cmd).encode("ascii"))
await self._write(b'\r\n')
if expect:
for i in range(polling_loops):
line = await self._ser.readline()
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