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      Store AGPS data to file on SIGUSR1 · 3e5ddcca
      Clayton Craft authored
      When the app received SIGUSR1, AGPS data is stored. This allows
      periodic or on-demand storing of AGPS data.
      A flag var is used to indicate when store() should be called in the main
      loop. The reason for this is that awaiting in the signal handler
      prevents any additional signals from being received, and also caused
      some deadlock when a client was connected, likely from reads happening
      for servicing the client and for the store operation. This flag in the
      main loop seems to be a simple way to work around that.
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      stm_agps: add support for slower serial devices by using trio-serial · a3aa4cf8
      Clayton Craft authored
      Reading the device as a file doesn't work well when using a real serial
      device at some slow baud, i.e. 'EOF' causes empty strings to be read.
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