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    Clean up Makefile · 9eab3b88
    Hugo Grostabussiat authored
    Prepare the Makefile for producing more than one image, and fix small
    issues along the way.
    - Rename 'IMAGE' to 'IMAGES', and generate COMPRESSED from IMAGES (the
      '.xz' suffix is appended to every filename in IMAGE).
    - Fix the image being rebuilt every time even when no change occurred by
      making the 'local.sh-link' prerequisite order-only.
    - Make CHECKSUM depend on COMPRESSED so that the checksum file is
      updated if the images changed.
    - Use variable STAMPFILE instead of repeating 'tmp/$(IMAGE).stamp'.
    - Remove all .tmp file in the 'clean' target. This also eliminates a
      potentially dangerous 'rm -rf *'.
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