Commit 55aeb2c8 authored by Hugo Grostabussiat's avatar Hugo Grostabussiat
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Makefile: Handle multiple images

Read the `want_boot_image` board config value, and add the boot image
the the list if the value is 1.
The boot image generated by the build-image script will get compressed
and its SHA256 hash added to the sha256sums file.
parent 9eab3b88
......@@ -4,8 +4,19 @@ BOARD ?= imx6
TYPE ?= unstable
DIST ?= buster+ci
SHELL := /bin/bash
# Get a variable from the board config
# $1 : Variable name to get the value for
define get_board_var
$(shell pureos_board=$(BOARD); . conf/board; echo $$$1)
STAMPFILE := tmp/$(BOARD).img.stamp
IMAGES := $(BOARD).img
ifeq ($(call get_board_var,want_boot_image),1)
IMAGES += $(BOARD)-boot.img
COMPRESSED := $(addsuffix .xz,$(IMAGES))
CHECKSUM := sha256sums
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