Commit 5565965d authored by Adrien Plazas's avatar Adrien Plazas Committed by Guido Gunther
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leaflet: Document the fold and folded properties

parent 2a9df9e5
......@@ -2700,6 +2700,16 @@ hdy_leaflet_class_init (HdyLeafletClass *klass)
* HdyLeaflet:fold:
* The fold of the leaflet.
* The leaflet will be folded if the size allocated to it is smaller than the
* sum of the natural size of its children, it will be unfolded otherwise.
* See also: #HdyLeaflet:folded.
props[PROP_FOLD] =
g_param_spec_enum ("fold",
......@@ -2707,6 +2717,16 @@ hdy_leaflet_class_init (HdyLeafletClass *klass)
* HdyLeaflet:folded:
* %TRUE if the leaflet is folded.
* This is similar to the #HdyLeaflet:fold property but expressed as a
* #gboolean rather than a #GEnum. This makes it convenient to bind the
* #HdyLeaflet:fold of a leaflet to any other #gboolean property of other
* #GObject's using #g_object_bind_property().
props[PROP_FOLDED] =
g_param_spec_boolean ("folded",
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