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    • Guido Gunther's avatar
      gnome: Add lollypop · 727aca81
      Guido Gunther authored
      We want a good default set of applications and
      lollypop fits nicely as a music player.
  8. 16 May, 2021 1 commit
    • Angus Ainslie's avatar
      Revert "Put battery in shipmode when powering off while not charging" · f5a7a6a4
      Angus Ainslie authored
      If the device is in ship mode then it powers on when the charging cable is plugged in. To be in compliance with the power saving regulations below we can't turn on when power is applied.
        10 Code CFR Part 430 (the energy conservation standards specified
        in the Code of Federal Reguklations at 10 CFR 430.32(z))
        California Code Of Regulations, Title 20: Division 2, Chapter 4,
        Article Appendix 4, Sections 1601‐1609: Appliance Efficiency Regulations
      This reverts commit 86c1e578.
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    • Guido Gunther's avatar
      gnome: Add natilus · 5de3d829
      Guido Gunther authored
      This adds some incentive to have it fully adaptive on Byzantium and it's
      alredy usable the way it is and some workflows don't work without it.
  19. 14 Feb, 2021 1 commit
    • Sebastian Krzyszkowiak's avatar
      librem5.pa: Disable unwanted audio processing in echo cancelation module · 9fa6c5a6
      Sebastian Krzyszkowiak authored
      module-echo-cancel uses WebRTC AEC algorithm to filter out acoustic echo.
      It's mostly meant for desktop use with speakers and microphone, therefore
      by default it does additional processing for things like voice detection
      or noise suppression in order to filter out things like keyboard typing.
      However, it appears that at times this filter may be a bit too overzealous
      for our mobile phone use case, with users reporting the voice coming out
      on the other side as "muffled".
      Since echo cancellation is all that we cared about when enabling the
      filtering, let's disable any kind of processing that's not related to
      removing the echo to make sure it doesn't have any unintended consequences.
      In the end nothing prevents us from selectively reenabling particular
      features after enough testing.
      Note: module-echo-cancel also supports AECM (mobile) variant of the algorithm
      that theoretically should better match our use case. However, so far I wasn't
      able to make it work (my current suspicion is that we have to reduce the overall
      latency in order for it to actually filter out the echo).
  20. 12 Feb, 2021 6 commits