Commit 5ee5432b authored by Jonathan Corbet's avatar Jonathan Corbet

docs: Do not include from drivers/scsi/constants.c

The only function of interest in that file was scsi_print_status().  That
function was removed in commit 7ac70763 (scsi: remove
scsi_print_status()) but the docs were not changed to match, yielding this

    ./drivers/scsi/constants.c:1: warning: no structured comments found

There's nothing there anymore, so just remove that section from the docs.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJonathan Corbet <>
parent 405d4c5a
......@@ -224,14 +224,6 @@ mid to lowlevel SCSI driver interface
.. kernel-doc:: drivers/scsi/hosts.c
mid to lowlevel SCSI driver interface
.. kernel-doc:: drivers/scsi/constants.c
Transport classes
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