Commit 8ac5ac1b authored by Jian-Hong Pan's avatar Jian-Hong Pan Committed by Jonathan Corbet

doc: linux-wpan: Change the old function names to the lastest function names

The function declaration in the lastest include/net/mac802154.h has been
changed since v3.19.

ieee802154_alloc_device => ieee802154_alloc_hw
ieee802154_free_device => ieee802154_free_hw
ieee802154_register_device => ieee802154_register_hw
ieee802154_unregister_device => ieee802154_unregister_hw

However, the description in the Device drivers API section of
Documentation/networking/ieee802154.txt is still in the state of
Signed-off-by: default avatarJian-Hong Pan <>
Acked-by: default avatarStefan Schmidt <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJonathan Corbet <>
parent 720688c4
......@@ -84,17 +84,17 @@ Device drivers API
The include/net/mac802154.h defines following functions:
- struct ieee802154_dev *ieee802154_alloc_device
(size_t priv_size, struct ieee802154_ops *ops):
allocation of IEEE 802.15.4 compatible device
- struct ieee802154_hw *
ieee802154_alloc_hw(size_t priv_data_len, const struct ieee802154_ops *ops):
allocation of IEEE 802.15.4 compatible hardware device
- void ieee802154_free_device(struct ieee802154_dev *dev):
freeing allocated device
- void ieee802154_free_hw(struct ieee802154_hw *hw):
freeing allocated hardware device
- int ieee802154_register_device(struct ieee802154_dev *dev):
register PHY in the system
- int ieee802154_register_hw(struct ieee802154_hw *hw):
register PHY which is the allocated hardware device, in the system
- void ieee802154_unregister_device(struct ieee802154_dev *dev):
- void ieee802154_unregister_hw(struct ieee802154_hw *hw):
freeing registered PHY
Moreover IEEE 802.15.4 device operations structure should be filled.
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